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In this edition, AUSYLAND was invited by KV Mechelen’s eSports department in the AFAS stadium Achter de Kazerne.

Other than gaming, there will also be an opportunity to take pictures with different KVM players, to get their signatures, to follow the games from a distance or to just enjoy some food and drinks.


FRIDAY 01/05/2020

Something for everyone!

Friday, May 1st in the AFAS stadium (KV Mechelen)

LAN Party for more than 50 FIFA and CS:GO gamers

Great prizes to win

e-Sports experience for 500 gamers, fans, friends, family …

Great location in the KV Mechelen stadium

Presence of KV Mechelen players

Presence of KV Mechelen e-Sports players


thé LAN Party

FIFA Program

From 09.00h: arrival & preparation

From 10.00h: game time!

From 17.00h: prize ceremony at Center Court

CS:GO Program

From 08.30h: arrival & preparation
From 10.00h: game time!

From 18.00h: prize ceremony at Center Court

What should I bring?

A computer case or gaming laptop with the latest version of CS:GO and a headset. We will provide a screen, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad, but you're free to bring your own gear.

If you want to play FIFA, you're in luck!

We will provide all the necessary material.

Practical details

Floor plan


CS:GO Team Tickets

CS:GO €60

team ticket (4p - €15pp*)

CS:GO €75

team ticket (5p - €15pp*)

FIFA €10

single ticket (1p - €10pp*)

FIFA Tickets

*some drink and food vouchers included

CS:GO - If your team wins the competition, it will receive a coupon of 500 euros for Coolblue and a VIP experience for the whole team during a football match!

FIFA - If you are the winner of the competition, you will receive a coupon of 100 euros for Coolblue and an annual subscription at KV Mechelen

Time to WIN some PRIZES!



CS:GO - If your team ends in second place, it will receive a coupon of 250 euros for Coolblue

FIFA - If you are the second of the competition, you will receive a coupon of 75 euros for Coolblue and a signed shirt of KV Mechelen.


FIFA - If you are the third of the competition, you will receive a coupon of 50 euros for Coolblue and a signed shirt of KV Mechelen

And a lot of extras: Huawei smartphones,

KVM merchandise, goodiebags ...

Gaming Schedules




There will be a lot of other games in the afternoon.

Interactive games, mini Rocket League, Bowling Foot ...

KV Mechelen was the first Belgian football club to start a gaming department. The 1A clubs have been participating in the eSports competition for a while now, but KV Mechelen takes it a step further. Next to its organizational and sporting departments, KVM also started a real Gaming department.

eSports KV Mechelen

It seems to us that this would be the perfect location for a LAN Party!

Professional eSporter and KV Mechelen's Chief Gaming Officer. He represents KV Mechelen in online and offline FIFA tournaments, creates content for the club, attends different gaming events, keeps in touch with the young fanbase and talks about gaming to the parents of young fans.

Miran Salim

Miran and Joas Drost (KV Mechelen's amateur eSporter) will of course be present at AUSYLAND

in the stadium of KV Mechelen.

AUSYLAND is more than just a LAN Party. It will be a real eSports experience including free activities for gamers, friends, the KVM fanbase and anyone else who is interested.

There will be:

- Live reporting of the different competitions
- A separate gaming corner for young and old (VR games, interactive games, mini Rocket League, Bowling Foot, ...)
- Drink and food stands
- The chance to compete against Miran, FIFA starplayer and Chief Gaming Officer of KV Mechelen

To top it all off, different KVM players
will be present for a meet & greet.

Push the button and claim your free guest ticket.

Guest Ticket

An all-round one-stop-shop with specialist services and expertise to perfectly match business needs. That’s the best way to describe AUSY. As a subsidiary of the Randstad Group, we operate within IT, Finance, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Life Sciences and Human Resources.

With values such as entrepreneurship, teamwork and fun - and mostly some very enthusiastic KVM fans in our team -, AUSY’s colleagues immediately went along with KV Mechelen’s ambitious e-sports adventure. The football club went all out: they were the first Belgian club to start their own Gaming Department, and they hired Chief Gaming Officer and FIFA allstar Miran. Meanwhile, amateur player Joas is also going strong in the Proximus ePro League and KVM was selected to participate in the Belgian League of League of Legends.

A partnership that’s certainly got a lot more in store? You can count on it!